Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Post MdS catch-up

Well, things have finally settled down after the Marathon des Sable and moving house and I can concentrate on the expedition once again.

I have recently been back in contact both with Norco, who have kindly said they can produce the RockPod, and the skipper of the yacht I hope to charter, to ask them to review their earlier quotes. This is so that I can attempt to finalise expedition costs prior to approaching potential corporate sponsors. These two items are the most costly of the expedition. In addition, I am awaiting a finalised quote for the expedition food.

I have also received a draft expedition 'brochure' from Charterhouse which outlines the expedition's aims and the potential for media interest. We are currently editing this document prior to printing and sending it out to potential sponsors.

There have this week been some minor amendments to the website, and I have received some updated information regarding the Rockall timeline which I will add in due course. Also, I have finally received the 3D model of Rockall based on the RGS map from Gilberts, for which I am very grateful. It will be extremely useful when presenting to potential sponsors in order to demonstrate the extreme environment I will be living in for 2 months.

Finally, and very interestingly, I was today contacted out of the blue by a well-known TV production company who are interested in making a documentary of the expedition. It's very early days but does indicate the potential interest that's out there.