Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Latest update

Well, long time no blog!
Just been informed by Island Man of his dates for this year's attempt on Rockall. Keep a close eye on his website for the attempt: http://missionrockall.com.
In regard to my own attempt on The Rock, plans are still creeping ahead: I still await the superstructure for the RockPod from the manufacturer. This is being delivered for free by tagging onto the next delivery to my area, so I must be patient. I have also reconfirmed that the sponsored hatches for the RockPod will still be available when I require them. Once this structure arrives, I can get on with the task of building the shelter, which is the first step to bringing the costs of the expedition down.
I am also heading out to the Outer Hebrides next month - part business, part pleasure. The wife and I will be taking a tour of the islands, but I also hope to get out to St. Kilda and to talk to local boatmen in regard to transportation to Rockall in a further effort to cut the expedition costs.
The final bit of news, is that after a couple of training trips to Aonach Eagach and The Cuillin Ridge, Jim and I are due to head to La France in August to attempt Mont Blanc in aid of Help for Heroes. Please consider sponsoring us at: www.justgiving.com/montblanc-2011 and pass the link on to your friends and family!