Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lots and lots happening!

Well its 2013 and this is the start of the fourth (or is it fifth) year of trying to get this expedition off the ground. However, things are looking really good for a positive outcome this year (as always dependant on the weather!).
The first thing that happened at the start of the year was that, thanks to a suggestion by my sponsor Exceptional Energy, Calor have agreed to become a financial sponsor of the expedition. This is a significant step forward, as their funding has meant that I am much closer to the total amount I need for the expedition, and I am now in a position to re-contact the companies who have agreed to supply the expedition with technical equipment I will need, and Kilda Cruises to pencil in potential dates for the expedition later this year. Calor have also kindly agreed to provide a stove and the LPG I will need for cooking and heating water during my stay on the rock.

The second major step forward is that, in part thanks to everyone who voted for me via Facebook, Rockall Solo has been shortlisted for the inaugural Kukri Adventure Scholarship. The next step in the selection process happens on the 8th February at the Royal Geographical Society in London, where I, and the other six candidates, will have to present to the panel of judges, and answer questions posed by them. The winner(s) will be announced that evening at a dinner - watch this space for the results, and good luck to the other entrants.
The final bit of good news for this blog (if all the above was not enough already) is that Smiths of the Forest of Dean have kindly agreed to provide the expedition with the plastic drums, to contain my kit and equipment, that my recce of Rockall last June so rudely proved that I need in order for the expedition, and specifically the landing, to be a success.
Onwards and upwards!