Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Things keep getting better!

The great news is that, following a presentation to the Kukri Adventure Scholarship panel at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Friday, I was awarded part of the inaugural scholarship fund along with four of the other entrants.
This unexpected injection of cash to the Rockall Solo coffers, along with the recent donations from LPG Exceptional Energy and Calor, means that I am now very near the total required for the expedition to go ahead this year (only delayed by 2 years!) and have been able to confirm a departure window with the boat skipper. In addition, a kind benefactor who has been 'on board' since the start, has confirmed that his pledge of financial support still stands, despite the delays in departure.
Now starts the task of buying and ordering kit and equipment, finishing the RockPod, and conducting a further round of testing all before departure. I'd like to congratulate the other scholarship winners: NY2SYAdventure 2013, The Mississippi Challenge, and Super Cycling Man, all of whom are worth following. My commiserations go to The Coxless Rowers and Worldride 2013.