Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Seeking funding...

Following the successful reconnaissance in June, and having sent the first Tweet from Rockall wishing Her Majesty The Queen a Happy Jubilee weekend, I received a letter last week from Balmoral congratulating me on reaching the summit of Rockall! 
Having completed the post expedition administration, and having launched a new format website at www.rockallsolo.com, which includes links to all the press, TV and radio coverage I received for the recce, I am now looking forward to heading back to Rockall next year. I am hoping to take advantage of the publicity I have gained from the recce expedition, and once the RockPod shelter is complete (hopefully in October), I will be conducting flotation and winching tests, which several national newspapers have said they want to report on. I have also recently secured the loan of a light weight petrol winch from The Portable Winch Company which will solve my lifting issues.      
The continuing hurdle is funding. Having now sent hundreds, if not thousands, of emails, including pledges of support, I am still over £10,000 short of the total of the £20,000 required to pay for the boat charters and equipment that I have not already secured. Being now in the third year of attempting to get the main expedition off the ground, I am really pushing hard and asking every contact I have if they will consider recommending to their contacts that they support the expedition. The aim is for the expedition to depart at the end of May 2013, which would allow for any donations to be split over two financial years. PR opportunities are available, and I'm happy to discuss specific requirements that sponsors may have.
Please let your contacts know...  

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