Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A date with the Rock booked

I have finally got a date booked in the diary for going to Rockall with Kilda Cruises on their new boat, which will be finished next month. Its being built especially, not for me (!) but for trips to Rockall and other off-shore work.

The duration of my visit/stay is still to be confirmed as its still very dependant on funding. Either way, I will be going in a few months time and will either land and conduct a recce for a future expedition, or land and stay for 60 days if the weather allows.

Now, in addition to trying to raise the funds I need, its time to start training. So back to climbing, swimming and running as its going to be tough no matter what the weather decides to do, especially after the long cruise out from the Outer Hebrides on a probable rough sea.

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