Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Getting closer....

Another good few days to report:

Working backwards; I was contacted today by a researcher at STV with a view to putting a programme together centred around the exepedition. Its very early days, as these things need to be pitched for, but this shows increasing media interest in the challenge, and hence opportunities for potential sponsors to have their support recognised.

Yesterday I was offered, and accepted, support from Telespazio VEGA UK Ltd which will include satellite communications, training and airtime. In addition to this being one of the last major items on my list to sort out, it also means an additional cost reduction to the expedition.

Furthermore, I've also recently had a pledge of financial support for part of my boat charter costs confirmed. This, along with the agreement with Telespazio VEGA UK Ltd, means that the expedition costs have been reduced yet further.

Now if I can get my memory stick with the spreadsheet on to work (it crashed last night!) I can update the costings and the outstanding funding requirements on the website in order to attract further financial support.

Getting closer....

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