Sunday, 15 April 2012

Rocky Start

Well, after a rocky start (excuse the pun) I finally managed to finish a video interview with Iain Mciver for his blog. He will be sending me a link which I will post up asap. Iain also informed me of another article in The Scotsman today about the expedition and my struggles to raise the funds to go, so thanks Iain for the heads up!

Its been a Rockall full weekend so far: yesterday I went to the GMDX annual conference in Stirling and saw a great film by the Belgians who landed on Rockall last September. They had a really hard time of it, but it was a reminder, if I needed it, that apart from the fact that you don't go to Rockall that late in the year, the landing is totally weather dependant and could in fact be the hardest part of the whole the expedition.

Food for thought.

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